La profonda crisi che ha colpito  il sistema capitalistico viene fatta pagare dalla borghesia ai proletari e alle masse popolari.

I padroni vogliono che le masse popolari si rassegnino a subire in silenzio.


Quando i proletari  si ribellano alla prospettiva della miseria e dello sfruttamento la borghesia ricorre alla repressione e all'assassinio legalizzato.


E' la storia della repressione che ha insanguinato le piazze dell'Italia "democratica" negli ultimi 60 anni,  è quanto sta accadendo in Grecia con il brutale assassinio di  ALEXIS GRIGOROPOULOS, di 15 anni.


Ma stanno trovando pane per i loro denti!


Portiamo in piazza assieme alla condanna del governo reazionario di Berlusconi anche quella del suo omologo Karamanlis! 


Prima saranno cacciati per le loro malefatte, meglio sarà per i nostri popoli!

Il migliore omaggio che si possa fare  ad un compagno caduto è quello di dare gambe solide
e un percorso vincente  alla lotta affinché il cambiamento sociale possa affermarsi!


Per cambiare non bastano le idee se non si ha l'organizzazione che lotta per realizzarle.

Ecco perchè ci battiamo per la ricostruzione del partito comunista!











Athens, 9/12/2008


Down with the government of blood and scandals
Down with the government provocateur and killer of youth
Down with the fascist murderous violence of the reactionary government of the monarchist-fascist party of Nea Democratia

We welcome the spontaneous anti-fascist upheaval and fight of the youth
Let's intensify the class struggle against the fascist violence, terrorism and oppression, the struggle against unemployment, hunger and misery

The “Movement for the Reorganization of KKE 1918-55” denounces to the youth, the working class and the entire Greek people the cold-blooded murder of the young pupil Alexis Grigoropoulos and condemns, in the strongest and most decisive manner, the reactionary government Karamanlis, as the cold-blood killer. A murder which is the culmination of the government's policy of the most extreme fascistisation of the reactionary bourgeois state and social life; starting from the well known aphorism  «officer, the state is you», the notorious «restoration of the state» i.e. the restoration of the state of the monarchist-fascist Right (staffed, now, by fascists of New Demokratia and the Nazis of “Golden Dawn”-LA.OS, etc.), the “praetores urbanis”, the allusion of the ridiculous individual called Polydoras (the former Minister for Public Order) to the police force and the beating of unprecedented brutality of the Cypriot student in Thessaloniki, the torture of foreigners in police stations and many other cases of fascist violence and police terror, up to the heinous murder of the young pupil and the hypocritical resignations of the, also ridiculous, rambling and petty professor P. Pavlopoulos and the fascist threats by Karamanlis posing a la Duche , after his visit to the President.

It also condemns the brutal, fascist attacks by police using tear gas and clubs against pupils, students and other demonstrators and the large scale use of plastic bullets that resulted in the injury of many people who had to be transferred to hospitals, among them a journalist. In addition, it condemns the provocative presence of the riot police (MAT) in the cemetery, even during the funeral of the young pupil, with a mission to "fire at terrorists".


The cold-blooded murder – in the absence of any prior incidents, clashes or demonstrations - highlights the fact that the fascistisation of the society has reached its apogee; the strengthening of the police rule and the increase of the fascist murderous violence has gone too far, cause the justifiable anger and indignation of the entire student youth and lead thousands of students to a militant rebellion in tens of cities. Police stations and banks are their major symbolic targets: the former as symbols of fascist oppression and police terror, and the latter as symbols of exploitation (a 28 billion Euros "dowry" was given to them according to a recent government decision), the pillars of large capital, responsible for the mass unemployment, poverty and misery that great part of the population experiences.

The reactionary government of the monarchist-fascist party of Nea Democratia realizes that constantly loses ground among the people – a fact reflected in the polls –  and tries  desperately to regain some momentum by resorting to fascist violence; on the occasion of the cold-blooded murder of the 15-year-old pupil it behaved as a common provocateur  seeking politically:
first, to distract attention from the big scandal involving the Vatopedi monastery
second, to overcome the deep crisis that Nea Demokratia party is in.

third, to demonstrate that it follows a policy of strong repression and brute force in view of the major upsurge of popular struggle and the additional problems caused by the international financial crisis, openly flirting with the idea of fascist deviation (the declaration of state of emergence has already been mentioned).

fourth, not having, amidst a period of deep economic crisis, offered even a single euro to the lower-middle classes which are ruined by the extreme neo-liberal economic policy, to attempt to win them back by providing them «peace, order and security», from the so-called demonstrators «terrorism»; that’s why it has employed the coordinated action of the  hooded plain clothes policemen for the en masse devastation of shops (it is typical, in this regard, that all cultural institutions remain completely unprotected)
fifth, to extort the opposition parties’ consent, succeeding up to a certain extent. The more extreme case is the Social-Democrat leader of “K”KE A. Papariga who, instead of condemning the government as a murderer, blamed SYRIZA for “encouraging the hooded rioters”: “the leadership of SYRIZA should stop encouraging the hooded rioters” (statement after the meeting with Karamanlis, 9.12.2008), proving, once again, that she is the most infamous lackey of capital and backer of Karamanlis and the monarchist-fascist Right.

The student and working youth, the working class and the peasants must intensify their fight against terrorism, the police violence and also the policy of fascistisation and defend their class interests by refusing the burden of crisis to be placed on them.
We urge the Greek people to participate in all rallies and demonstrations in the following days.


Movement for the Reorganization of KKE 1918-55